And once again, we reiterate the fact that Leap Motion for gamers can be huge. It’s opened a world of possibilities, expanding and enriching user interfaces, same as what Microsoft did with Kinect for Xbox.

One of the Leap Motion games I wanted to talk about today is Runes, a game by LuGus Studios. I had a chance to review several test videos of how the game works (which still seems to be work-in-progress) and at this point it feels this might be one of the best Leap Motion games I’ve seen so far.

In essence, Runes is all about magic battles, where the player draws magic runes and shoots them to the enemy.

Here are my reasons to like this type of game -and keep in mind this is based on watching game trailers/tests, not actual game playing-: rich interaction, obviously brought to us by Leap Motion, but beautifully integrated in the game; and awesome graphics, much needed for any high quality game.

Check out the videos and judge for yourself.