Yesterday, Michael Buckwald and David Holz, co-founders of Leap Motion, answered some questions regarding the delay on the Leap Motion ship date. Tons of questions that were pending had finally an answer, while others are still in the air.

One of the things we all need to keep in mind is that, as every new technology-based product, its first batch might come with its own set of flaws (did we all forget about the first iPhone?). Now, here’s the thing: this guys at Leap Motion are not Apple, they’re a start-up that’s growing at an amazing speed, basically because they developed a very smart and interesting product.

One thing I noticed when I first tested the Leap Motion Controller was that it got pretty hot when running, which concerned me a little. I was assured it was something normal, and since you won’t be touching the device (hey, that’s the essence of it), then it won’t be uncomfortable either.


While I have to admit I was disappointed with the delay, I also have to state that I’d rather receive a well-polished product than another beta device. However, as Michael Buckwald himself mentioned at the beginning of the chat, it’s more a software concern that not a hardware issue.

So let’s be patient a bit more and give these people another shot.