Several graphic designers and art directors have asked me about Leap Motion and Photoshop integration.

They’re impatient to know more about this new tool, but at the same time I can sense their fear of the unknown: isn’t it difficult to draw, paint or even retouch in the air? Well, it might be. But I always give them the same response – do you remember the first time you switched your mouse for a graphics tablet? That pencil on top of a surface was going crazy. You couldn’t move it around properly, you suffered with every click, but after a few hours you would get it and start to love it. After a few more weeks, there’s no going back to that old-fashioned mouse.

Same with the Leap Motion Controller. I have to admit it takes a while to get used to it, specially since our brains are used to 2D interaction with computers, even when working with 3D software. However, give it a shot for just a few hours and you’ll own it.

One of the reasons why it’s harder to control is precisely its biggest achievement: accuracy. The Leap Motion is so accurate it takes a while to control it to the minimum details. Zoom in, change a few pixels, zoom out and continue to draw or retouch.

For now, check out this video from Crispy Driven Pixels where they show Ethereal at work.