As of today, we don’t have much information about which apps will be featured in the future app store for Leap Motion, which will be called Airspace.

What we do know is that thousands of developers all over the world have been working on new apps since beta devices were sent to them months ago.  Some of those apps were featured last March during SXSW in Austin (Texas), providing a sneak peak to hundreds of people willing to know more about this futuristic device.

Airspace, the app store for Leap Motion, will include apps of all kinds from Business, News and Music to Productivity, Sports or Photo. The key here will be not only how many available apps will be in the market, but also how Leap Motion works with current software.

Airspace is set to be launched on May, once thousands of pre-ordered Leap Motion devices are sent out.

UPDATE: Since the shipping date for Leap Motion was moved to July 22nd, so is the launch of Airspace. Also, there have been some rumors about how many apps will be available in the beginning, which seems to be around 150.